Three best ideas in choosing office space for charities

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Establishing a non-profit organisation is a worthy venture. No matter what the cause, whether it's children's education or helping victims of tragedies, the move to change people's lives and society as a whole will require significant efforts. There is the need to rally support for the cause. There is the need to invite generous donors to keep the charity operational. There is the need to do all that is required in one physical office. Can your non-profit organisation have enough funding for your cause and still afford to lease an entire office?

Yes, you can - provided you look into a dedicated office space for charities. You just need to know how to find them. And here are three great ideas to consider when looking at offices.

Don't confine your search to commercial districts or the usual office lofts. You can head out to other areas and look up properties that advertise leasing to charitable organisations. Such properties will offer a considerably lesser rate for non-profit groups. Look for properties that provide the facilities you'll require to operate. From function rooms to buildings equipped with their own kitchen, you'll want to lease a property that not only offers affordable rates but also features fine facilities.

Consider a charity office space you can pay for on a "need-to-use" basis. If you don't require an entire private office just yet, you can look into properties that offer this type of arrangement. An office space with this option allows you to have the professional look of an established charity organisation without paying for monthly or annual rent. All you need to pay for is a minimal rate that will correspond with the services you'll need. You'll be able to use conference rooms when meeting with potential donors or your staff for an upcoming event. You'll have access to IT services. You'll be able to do what you need to do and not have to worry about making the rent payment.

Choose properties that also offer a venue for charity functions. When you have your office space and events venue in one area, you'll be able to save time and a lot of money. Think of the petrol costs you'll save or budgets on transportation! Time is especially crucial when charity functions draw near. Coordination with other groups involved and organising the venue to ensure it looks just right when guests arrive can be nerve racking. Wouldn't it be more efficient (and less stressful) to have your venue and your office in one area?


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Nothing is impossible when you set your mind to helping people, and the world, for that matter. All it takes is a bit of perseverance, a mad dash of passion - and these three great ideas for making sure you save enough money when choosing an office for your charity. To know more about Charity Office Space form just go to this site.

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Three best ideas in choosing office space for charities

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Three best ideas in choosing office space for charities

This article was published on 2013/03/29