Standards and Guidelines in Office Space Design

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Licensed architects, engineers, and interior designers follow the Building Code when planning and designing infrastructure. Similarly, these experts abide by standards and guidelines when it comes to office space design. The need for a comprehensive set of standards for allocation and design of office space urged authorities to develop these guidelines, which ensure that an office space's aesthetics and functions are maximized.

In the past decades, offices were intended entirely for work, with little consideration for employees' comfort and convenience. As research results in job satisfaction proved that office environment affects performance, human needs--such as proper ventilation and lighting, privacy, and comfort--were recognized as essential to work productivity. Office space standards and guidelines facilitate the design of ergonomic, contemporary, and optimally functional work environments.

Office space planning follows a governing philosophy with three elements for guidance. Co-location for related functions states that people in related jobs should have offices adjacent to each other, while sharing workspace can maximize total available space and allows interaction among employees. Use of modular furniture delivers flexibility and effectiveness in cost and space, since modular furniture systems are designed in such a way that the elements fit efficiently.

Most designers of office space in Arlington VA also follow planning principles in programming a new office. Employees are assigned either open or closed offices depending on their job category and description. Practicable, exterior corners are usually reserved for conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms, or senior-level administrators' offices. To maximize space and workflow, office space designers also consider the business's nature in planning the layout.

Space standards in office space design are also established to promote efficiency in the workplace. For example, most designers of office space in Arlington VA say that open office space environments encourage creativity, flexibility, and innovativeness, while closed offices are for people with more responsibility, and hence, need their own private area.

These standards and guidelines that licensed designers of office space in Arlington VA or in other states follow provide a quality environment, and thus enhance job satisfaction for employees. Creating functional, efficient, and aesthetic workspaces encourages interaction, promotes creativity, and thus simplifies asset management in the office.

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Standards and Guidelines in Office Space Design

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This article was published on 2011/09/22